About Us

Go Beyond The Limit (GBTL), a nonprofit, faith-based charitable organization, is designed to serve women who are survivors of abuse (domestic, drugs, sex); specifically, those housed in shelters. 

My organization offers training in entrepreneurship to these survivors giving them the opportunity to break the chain of abuse, as well as become self-sufficient.

Upon receiving funding, GBTL will begin its training via an online learning management platform.  The topics will include launching a home-based business and social media marketing. Training will also include coaching and mentoring classes, which are designed to help heal the hearts of these survivors.

Upon completion of the training, the survivors will have the opportunity to launch their own home-based business with guidance and support from GBTL.

Would you consider donating to this life-changing program? To make a donation using your Stripe or PayPal account, go here. You can also give from the palm of your hand by texting Rebirth to 44321All donations are tax-deductible.

To learn more about the founder, Rita J. Cartwright Southern, go here.